Northern Territory

Who We Are

In the Northern Territory all CEN schools are part of the one system governed by NT Christian Schools. There are seven schools in the NT Christian Schools family. They are geographically, contextually and culturally diverse, as is the NT itself.  Approximately 1600 students are enrolled each year. No matter the context, there is a strong commitment to supporting parents in the nurturing of their children and to the promotion of strong partnerships between home, school, church, and community.

NT Christian Schools has been delivering high quality Christian education, training, and care to young Territorians for over 35 years and is dedicated to continuing to develop its outstanding schools and ever strengthening its commitment to education, training, and care grounded in an understanding of the world informed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

CEN supports the activities of NT Christian Schools as needed in the areas such as:


Compliance and accountability

Professional learning and training

Policy development

NT Christian Schools values its strong and mutually beneficial partnership with CEN and is proud to be ‘the face of CEN’ in the Northern Territory.

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