The Giants Bursary

Honouring those who have made a significant contribution to Christian education, through the National Institute for Christian Education and providing an opportunity for others to benefit from their legacy.

Being involved in Christian education is a privilege. At the time of being introduced to Christian education, many find themselves on the brink of something pretty important, though they may not be able to articulate what that is, or what is encouraging them to look deeper and understand more. For many, they have captured a vision for Christian education and there is usually a story behind that vision entrapment. There is also usually a person or significant people that have influenced them either through conversations, presentations (keynote addresses or workshops), journal articles, professional learning sessions or articles and books. Most often, one of these people have lead individuals towards study with the National Institute for Christian Education.

How does someone make it to be named as a “giant”? These giants are identified by our National Board and are people who have, in particular made a contribution to the National Institute over time and have directed people to the National Institute. The Institute is our key resource in the development of Christian staff who are trained in biblical world view.

Especially if someone has passed away, we note that we have lost a giant. This has happened a number of times and we grieve the loss of those who have had profound influence in our understanding of a biblical approach to schooling.

In recent years we have lost the following giants:

  • Dr Stuart Fowler – a man of significant influence both in Australia and overseas particular around the shaping of tertiary study into CE. He was instrumental in the shaping of our own National Institute.
  • Harro Van Brummelen – a Canadian gentleman who spend time presenting to us in Australia. His books; Walking with God in the Classroom and Stepping Stones to Curriculum were both reference books for our National Institute core units. Many of our schools have found them highly valuable.
  • Gloria Goris Stronks – a Canadian lady who had a great impact on many of our schools through her work with Dr Doug Blomberg. Their book, Vision with a Task has been instrumental to the shaping of a biblically grounded classroom for a long time. Gloria also spoke strongly into a Christian approach to middle schooling in the 80s and 90s and championed an integral approach to curriculum.
  • Martin Hanscamp – most recently, our own Marty, an actual giant. Martin served as a teacher, Deputy and Principal in Christian schools and was also the ED of the Australian Association of Christian Schools. Martin coordinated and authored a number of CEN resources including: Transformation by Design 1 & 2, Christian Schools as Community, Head Heart Hand, Can’t You Get Your Act Together and Transformational Education (this is a MECS resource and has been translated into Spanish and French).

CEN has developed The Giants Bursary as a way of honouring these giants and the impact that they have had on Christian education both in the past and present. Just because they have passed on to glory with their Father in heaven doesn’t mean that the influence has stopped. In fact, we are so blessed to have their ideas and thoughts in the pages of the resources that we own and have access to.

It is felt that the best way to honour these folk is to encourage teachers and board members and other staff is to study with the National Institute. We believe that the National Institute is our greatest resource in shaping Christian teachers. We therefore introduce The Giants Bursary.

The Giants Bursary Application Process

Individuals and / or schools are encouraged to complete application form that can be accessed through our website. Successful applicants will be given the opportunity to study 2 core units with the National Institute (within one calendar year). There are a total of 4 units available, so two students would be selected from the applications. The National Institute Principal and CEN CEO will determine the successful applicants.
The students will also have an obligation, as part of the bursary, to provide a report (verbal or written) of their school context and the impact of their learning through the National Institute. It is envisaged that this would be shared at a CEN AGM.

Applications will be limited to staff and Board members serving in CEN member schools only.

Applicant Criteria:

  • You are not a current student with the National Institute
  • You are working or serving in a CEN member school
  • You are committed to providing a written, recorded or live report of your study and a reflection of practice after having completed at least one of the units.