CEN recognises that we live in a fallen world; and that people make mistakes, or exercise wrong choices, which impact others, sometimes seriously. CEN’s processes aim to assist management and the individuals to address and rectify issues: also with the goal of humble restoration and support of the person who erred.

Our approach and our policy is committed to having a sound and ethical corporate governance. Whistleblowing is not about airing a grievance – it is about reporting a real or perceived wrongdoing. Our policy and our approach allows anonymous disclosure to allow all people to raise concerns regarding unethical, unlawful, or undesirable conduct.

Any member of the board, management, any staff member, or any external party who is involved with CEN can report reportable conduct and be protected under the CEN Whistleblower Policy. Whistleblowers will receive feedback on the progress of investigations commenced as a result of their report.

 Please click here to download the CEN Whistleblower Policy.

How to report

All reportable conduct should be reported through the CEN Landing page on the Whistle Blowing Service (WBS) website: https://www.whistleblowingservice.com.au/cen/