National Institute

The National Institute for Christian Education serves Christian Education National schools throughout Australia via:

  • fully accredited postgraduate courses in education
  • facilitating research into Christian education

The National Institute for Christian Education is a postgraduate training institute for the cause of Christian education. Although its key focus is to help school teachers develop in their capacity to educate from a biblical perspective, the Institute also works with the other members of school communities–parents, administration staff, board members, and students as well as the broader community.

Through a third party agreement with Alphacrucis College Ltd the National Institute offers fully accredited postgraduate education courses to students around Australia and the world. Studying with the Institute, educators can work towards a Master of Education, Master of Education (Leadership), Graduate Certificate of Education or a Graduate Certificate of Education (Leadership) that is shaped by a biblically grounded philosophy of education.

The courses are offered online with virtual classes of students around Australia and the globe relating via forums and with a qualified lecturer. The Institute also offers supplementary face to face seminars to assist students in the distance learning process. Assessment is made through assignments that have direct applicability to the students’ day to day pedagogical and leadership tasks.

The National Institute however, is more than a provider of postgraduate education programs. It is the repository and guardian of the intellectual capital of much of Australia’s Christian education–the fruits of scholarly endeavour in the cause of Christian education for over fifty years. Although there is a national office and resource centre, the Institute is spread throughout the national and international Christian education community. Qualified lecturers, tutors, and educators are located around Australia and in various parts of the world.

Alongside Christian Education National (CEN), the National Institute produces resources; publishes books and a journal; develops and delivers courses for professional learning; contributes to educational debate; encourages educational research; and engages in tertiary collegial interchange.

The National Institute is committed to helping people to think, act, and teach in ways that take serious the public truth of the Christian gospel and its implications for all of life.