Heartbeat, edited by Dr Chris Prior, is a wonderful new resource which is collection of insights into educator’s reflections around biblically faithful Christian education.

Having begun in the 1960s, the Christian school sector has been in existence in Australia for over sixty years. Much has changed since those early days. It can be argued that schooling has become much more complex for a number of reasons including an expansion of educational offerings, technological advances, and due to the increasing expectations of various stakeholders.

Along the way those of us involved in Christian schooling have sought to bring the Christian faith to bear on schooling, learning from those who have faithfully invited, and demonstrated, to us how to foster a biblical vision for life through schooling.

This book has been written to capture a moment in time by listening to the voices of a few who have a shared history. Each of the contributors of this book are experienced Christian school practitioners having worked in Christian schools, including for one of the Christian school associations.

Heartbeat was chosen as a title to be a reminder that Christian schooling is not simply schooling by Christians. Rather, flourishing Christian schools are schools of purpose that evidence a rhythm, a heartbeat that is faithful to the biblical story.

It is our deep hope that as you read the various chapters you will hear the voices of the contributors and will reflect on what they have learnt, that you will be encouraged and inspired to ensure that the heartbeat of your practice is grounded in the biblical story.