Authentic Christian Education

Face to face workshop: Yes (6hrs)
Online course: Yes (4hrs)

This workshop/course explores the vision of Christian education. It explores questions like; What is Christian education? What is the purpose of Christian schooling? 


Full Description

This workshop explores the vision of Christian education. It is accessible by any member of the school community—many schools include all staff when it is delivered. It covers important questions like; What is Christian education? What is the purpose of Christian schooling? Where did Christian education come from? What is the biblical basis, and what are the worldview implications?



Participants will be able to: 

  1. present a clear and compelling approach to, and overview of, the whole Bible as a basis for Christian education
  2. appreciate the importance of reading scripture as a story that culminates in, is unified by, and fulfilled in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ
  3. compare and contrast the biblical narrative to dominant cultural stories shaping western culture
  4. understand how narratives can shape worldview and views of a human, purpose of life, nature of the world, and how brokenness is made right
  5. critique dominant cultural narratives evident with society and school curriculums using worldview diagnostic questions
  6. appreciate the importance of being worldview-aware in the classroom and school community
  7. explore the contours of a gospel mindset and a worldview shaped by the Bible in schooling
  8. understand the significant issues facing Christian schools in an increasingly secular society
  9. explore the development of Christian education (and schools) both past and future.


Target audience: All members of a Christian school community

Addressed standards: 6.2, 6.3 (teacher identified only - NSW)


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