Young Christian Thinkers Symposium

The Young Christian Thinkers Symposium provides an opportunity for students from the network of CEN schools across Victoria to collaboratively embark on a project that allows them to offer their hear, soul, strength and minds to a wider public. This stems from a belief that if our students are to be the critical Christian thinkers and creative minds of the future, we must give them the opportunity to exercise this capacity during their schooling and appreciate them now. Students nominated by their school will be given access to renowned Christian thinkers via the Catalyst Colloquium to stimulate thought and invite biblically inspired responses from students that could be analytically and/or creatively expressed. After a period to prepare a response, the experience will culminate in the in-person Young Christian Thinkers Symposium where teams from different schools present their learning to one another in a public forum in Melbourne.

Timeline of Events:
Catalyst Colloquium: Thursday, March 7 2024; online.
Young Christian Thinkers Symposium: Thursday, May 16 2024; Melbourne CBD.

School Registrations:
Please register your school for this opportunity by Friday 23rd February, 2024.

Staff Leader:
Schools are asked to assign a staff member (or two) to guide their students through the experience. The staff leader will attend both the Catalyst Colloquium and the Young Christian Thinkers Symposium, and assist students in preparing their symposium presentation. Support will be provided for the Leader by the symposium coordinator, Sam Waldron.
Please register your Leader by Thursday, 8th of February 2024.

Student Nominations:
Schools may register up to two teams of 3-4 students to take part in the Young Christian Thinkers Symposium; with a maximum of one from each age category:
Category 1: Primary — Years 5-6
Category 2: Secondary — Years 9-10

Schools are encouraged to consider students who demonstrate a capacity to respond to the callings of the Gospel in highly insightful ways – this may be through careful, considered thinking, through leadership in caring for those in need, or through critical-creative brilliance. We recognise that our Lord has endowed His people with many, many ways of responding thoughtfully to the challenges and joys of our lives, and that a wide-breadth of styles in response will only enrich the vitality of our symposium.

Please register your students two weeks in advance of the Catalyst Colloquium, by Thursday, 16th of February

We hope that your school has many students who would benefit from this opportunity, and we anticipate great blessings from hearing their responses beyond the walls of our own classrooms – may their echoes reverberate yet further still!

More details including speakers and venue details will be provided in the near future. For more detailed
information, please contact Sam Waldron via email at [email protected]

Young Christian Thinkers Symposium

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Young Christian Thinkers Symposium

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