Godly Governance Conference

“Flint and Steel”

“Water resistant fire starter; ideal for lighting fires in all weather conditions or at altitude. Reliable and easy to use. Durable. Very efficient.”

We warmly invite all board members to attend our annual CEN Godly Governance Conference on 25-27 November in Sydney. (Principals and Business Managers are also  most welcome)

This conference looks at the role and responsibility of CEN Boards in ensuring the flame of Christian Education continues to thrive in “all weather conditions” – the good and the complex times. We aim to explore how we are “flint and steel” in our communities – providing the governance to allow the sparks to ignite our school communities towards excellent Christian education.

Some topics to be covered include:

  • From Adversity to Awesome – COVID – lessons learnt – leading schools in a post-pandemic world
  • Not For Profit and For a Purpose
  • Strong and agile financial management
  • Boards enhancing Principal well-being
  • Boards as employers – finding (and keeping) the right staff
  • Board capacity and resiliency in the 21st Century
  • Rebuilding Trust: polarization and politics
  • Flint and Steel – Casting a vision for the future of CEN schools.

Save the date. Further details and registration to come.

Godly Governance Conference

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