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The CEN National Conference (which includes the AGM for member associations) is a pivotal event in the life of CEN and its members. It’s a wonderful time of inspiration and for being equipped for the task of Christian education in your school. Just as your school and association are stronger when members are working together, so it is with the association of Christian schools associations; CEN.

Event date 20-05-2017 10:00 am
Event End Date 21-05-2017 12:00 pm
Cut off date 05-05-2017 4:00 pm
Speaker Dr Darren Iselin
Location Mercure, Canberra

There's a wonderful story about how Christian school's and others in the non-government sector came to be seen as offering helpful choice to Australian parents. It involved political maneuvering leading up to the 1967 Victorian election (April 29th is the 50th anniversary) but great good has come from it. That milestone represents 50 years since governments around Australia started financially supporting the cost of students attending non-government schools.

Come along, hear the story, affirm the worth of providing parents with choice, and celebrate the contribution that Christian schools make to the good of Australian society. 

5:00pm Legislative Council (5:20pm program start)
6:30pm-8:30pm Queens Hall, Cocktail Reception

Event sponsored by CEN, CSA, ASA, and LEA

Event date 26-05-2017 5:00 pm
Event End Date 26-05-2017 8:30 pm
Individual Price $80.00
Speaker Dr Rachel Carling Jenkins
Location Parliament House Victoria
$80.00 107

This 2 day retreat is run for Principals that are new to CEN Schools.

Further details to come.

Event date 18-05-2017 12:00 pm
Event End Date 19-05-2017
Location Mercure, Canberra

The Christian Student Leadership Conference is scheduled for 3-4 August at the Oasis Youth Camp, Mt Evelyn. This event is a great opportunity for young, emerging student leaders in Years 10–12 to be immersed in a great program of challenge and influence to further equip them in their leadership roles at school and beyond!

Further details and registration to come.

Please contact Pamela Lavery for more information:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Event date 03-08-2017
Event End Date 04-08-2017
Location Oasis Youth Camp

We’re excited to announce that our first ever Nurture Conference is going to be held in Adelaide in August this year. The conference will focus on nurturing the family, parent partnership and engagement in schools.

Event date 11-08-2017 5:00 pm
Event End Date 12-08-2017 4:30 pm
Speaker Patricia Weerakoon
Location Majestic Roof Garden Hotel


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