Classrooms as Grace-shaped Communities

This workshop/course acknowledges that deeper learning happens in relationship and community and explores the importance of shaping classroom communities.


This workshop/course acknowledges that deeper learning happens in relationship, and within community. It discusses the importance of shaping classroom communities and cultures that promote a shared vision for learning rather than a mindset of competitive individualism. It covers important issues like; relational awareness; nature of the teacher-student relationships; classroom language and liturgy; location of the responsibility for learning; motivation for learning; student engagement; grace-shaped models for classroom discipline, management, and welfare.

Learning Intentions

Participants will be able to: 

  1. passionately state the importance of relationship for learning flowing from a Christian worldview
  2. understand the nature and characteristics of a learning community
  3. define the nature of the teacher from a Christian posture
  4. define the nature of the student from a Christian posture
  5. appreciate the need for a teacher to have relational awareness
  6. discuss the implications of learning mindsets
  7. discuss the place of perseverance and grit in learning
  8. critique the place of motivation to learn using external rewards
  9. critique the place of competition with a learning community with a shared vision
  10. explore who has the responsibility for learning to occur
  11. explore models for effective classroom discipline
  12. appreciate grace-shaped classroom culture, motivation, competition, responsibility, and discipline in the Christian school
Face to face workshop

6 Hours

Online Workshop

4 Hours

Target audience

Christian school teachers and teacher's aids

Addressed standards

3.5, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

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