Teachers Aide – Full time / Part time positions available

Araluen Christian College a school of NT Christian Schools

Applications Close: 31 Oct 2023


Immediate start or 2024 as negotiated.

AO1.1 U18 $29,982 – AO2.5 $59.798 per annum based of qualification and experience.

About the job
Araluen Christian College is seeking enthusiastic Teachers Aide to support and encourage the students in their learning and work in partnership with the classroom teacher.

Skills and Experience
You will play a crucial role in supporting teachers in a classroom environment by fulfilling a variety of tasks. Exceptional communication skills are an important component of this role in order to work effectively with students to communicate information clearly while actively listening to the teacher’s requests and responding accordingly.  In addition, you may be required to help multiple students during a lesson. This requires strong organisational skills to dedicate enough time and attention to each pupil and remain aware of their progress throughout the lesson.

NT Christian Schools exists to advance the Christian religion through the provision of education and religious instruction. For the purposes of upholding the Christian ethos of our schools, it is a genuine occupational qualification of this role that applicants be able to teach religious education, lead, and otherwise assist in, religious practices and observances and personally adhere to, uphold, and authentically model the religious beliefs of NT Christian Schools.

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals. The Christian faith says that if we are to work, and pray, with others, our return of labour will be greater. Our staff and students recognise this concept with every educational opportunity they are involved in, it is a collaborative effort to not only increase the educational outcomes of the students but increase their understanding of the significance God plays in this process”.
Principal, Damien Gainsford 

What we offer

  • Ten (10) weeks of annual leave during school break.
  • Long Service Leave at five (5) years of continuous service (as opposed to the usual ten).
  • Fifteen (15) days per year of personal and carers leave.
  • All year round professional development.
  • Ability to link to NT Christian Schools membership to Australian  Teachers Aide (ATA).

Applications available at https://jobs.ntchristianschools.com.au

Applications considered as received.

To apply for this job please visit jobs.ntchristianschools.com.au.

For enquiries please contact Human Resources on 0889204355 or [email protected]

To apply for this job please visit jobs.ntchristianschools.com.au.

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