Office Manager / Executive Assistant

Marrara Christian College

Applications Close: 31 Dec 2023

Commencement Date: 8 Jan 2024


About the job
Reporting directly to the Principal, the Office Manager/ EA will assist in the efficient running of the front office administration team and to provide executive support to the Principal.  The School’s Office Manager will liaise with senior managers, shared services teams, school staff, students, school council, parents, carers, professionals, volunteers and visitors to maintain the highest standards of the School.  The Office Manager will be actively involved in setting culture of the School as well as having the ability to reflect the Christian faith underpinning the College.

Skills and Experience
The successful applicant will have demonstrated capacity to manage the provision of a high level of support to teachers and other school staff, students, and parents and the capacity to provide supervision and direction.  You will have excellent communication skills and attention to detail. You will serve as the PA to the Principal and be a first point of contact to various stakeholders whilst upholding strong interpersonal abilities.

NT Christian Schools exists to advance the Christian religion through the provision of education and religious instruction.  For the purposes of upholding the Christian ethos of our schools, it is a genuine occupational qualification of this role that applicants be able to teach religious education, lead, and otherwise assist in, religious practices and observances and personally adhere to, uphold, and authentically model the religious beliefs of NT Christian Schools.

“We have a fantastic and committed staff here who are driven to support our students and care for them along their learning journeys so that they can be who God has created them to.
Joel van Bentum
Principal, Marrara Christian College

What we offer

  • A minimum of six weeks of annual leave
  • Long Service Leave at five (5) years of continuous service (as opposed to the usual ten)
  • An additional 15 days per year of personal and carers leave
  • Opportunities for staff to upskill and take up various qualifications through Capacity Plus
  • All year round professional development

To apply for this job please visit

For enquiries please contact Manu Downes on 0889204355 or [email protected]

To apply for this job please visit

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