Middle/Senior Teacher

Gawa Christian School

Applications Close: 31 Dec 2023

Commencement Date: 15 Jan 2024


Applications reviewed as received

About the role
Yawirriny’ is the term for initiated young men, which within the school context spans the middle and senior years.  Reflecting traditional learning where young men learn from older men, our elders desire that a significant part of the school day is dedicated to young men learning together.  Guided by the Australian Curriculum, traditional ancient knowledge and a biblical worldview, the Yawirriny’gu Teacher will champion the areas of raypirrimirr (having discipline), margikunhamirr (having/giving knowledge) and guga’yunamirr (giving/receiving help).

Skills and Experience
You will be an experienced teacher who wil have a strong understanding and experience to create a ‘learning space for the students in your care.  You will have a wealth of knowledge in designing and implementing aspects of the ‘learning space’ to ensure it is relevant to the needs and abilities of those students, giving them a reasonable opportunity to attain the goals and develop the skills outlined in the college curriculum.

NT Christian Schools exists to advance the Christian religion through the provision of education and religious instruction.  For the purposes of upholding the Christian ethos of our schools, it is a genuine occupational qualification of this role that applicants be able to teach religious education, lead, and otherwise assist in, religious practices and observances and personally adhere to, uphold, and authentically model the religious beliefs of NT Christian Schools.

“Living and working remote is a calling that must be taken out of obedience and trust in the Triune God.  All the support in the world will be found lacking if one’s security is not in God Himself. Honesty is our starting point.  Those who come for a life of comfort will not find it here. Whilst beautiful, Gäwa is a battlefield, and we fight for turning hearts towards Jesus and His Kingdom.  God calls us to faithfulness and community. Through Jesus and with each other, we have victory”.
– Rachel Herweynen
Principal, Gäwa Christian School.

What we offer

  • You will be granted a sponsored site visit (preferably two weeks) as our community is an essential voice in who is invited to live and work in Gäwa. This gives the applicant the best idea of what life could be like in Gäwa.
  • Induction by NT Christian Schools System Office Team and Gäwa Principal.
  • The community will adopt the new teacher as part of the indigenous family, providing a sense of belonging.
  • Employment package includes provision of housing, telephone line, internet (with some government restrictions), freight of food supplies.
  • There is an annual remote travel allowance on $2,200 per employee, the same amount for a dependent spouse, and $1,900 for children (approximately 2-3 return flights to Darwin per person).
  • There is also provision for within-term off-island break as needed.
  • A minimum of six weeks of annual leave
  • Long Service Leave at five (5) years of continuous service (as opposed to the usual ten)
  • 15 days per year of personal and carers leave
  • Financial and practical assistance to assist new staff in relocating to the Territory
  • Opportunities for staff to learn through the National Institute of Christian Education, paid for by NT Christian schools
  • All year round professional development

To apply for this job please visit jobs.ntchristianschools.com.au.

For enquiries please contact Manu Downes on 0889204355 or [email protected]

To apply for this job please visit jobs.ntchristianschools.com.au.

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