Head of Senior School

Covenant College

Applications Close: 1 Aug 2022

Commencement Date: 8 Jan 2023


Expressions of interest are being accepted for the Head of Senior School role within our College.

Covenant College strives to be a vibrant Christ-Centred community where parents and teachers serve in partnership to nurture in each child a passion for learning and an uncompromising desire to live according to God’s word.

Covenant College seeks to be a leading provider in Christian Education and aims to see the following achieved:

  • An integration of Christian faith and character in all student learning;
  • Excellence in Christian education from a Christian Biblical worldview;
  • A Christian education community where every person is valued and nurtured in their faith and healthy relationships are promoted;
  • A culture where the protection of children is embedded and fostered by the whole school community;
  • Enhanced partnerships between parents, students and staff, strengthening the teaching and learning process;
  • The provision of high-quality facilities and resources;
  • The effective stewardship of assets, both human and physical;
  • Students equipped for service and citizenship as an expression of their Christian faith;
  • Students achieving personal excellence in academic, social, physical, cultural and spiritual outcomes;
  • A culture of continued improvement, professional development and pastoral support among staff and the school community, and;
  • Effective communication with parents and the wider community.

To view the position description and read more about our vibrant Christian community, please visit our website.

For any queries on the role, we invite you to please phone the College office on (03) 52785122 and speak with our Principal Mrs Sue Cox, or alternatively email  [email protected]


To apply for this job please visit www.covenant.vic.edu.au.

For enquiries please contact Sue Cox on 0352785122 or [email protected]

To apply for this job please visit www.covenant.vic.edu.au.

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