Technology Integration

Face to face workshop: Yes (6hrs)
Online course: Coming soon (4hrs)

This workshop/course guides teachers into implementing effective ICT integration and explores how the immersion by students in digital culture is shaping thier worldview.


Full Description

This workshop/course guides teachers into implementing effective teaching strategies that integrate ICT into teaching and learning and explores the resources that are available. A framework for strategies to promote the safe, wise, and discerning use of ICT will also be explored. The workshop will explore how immersion by students in digital culture is shaping a worldview that is in many ways at odds with a worldview shaped by the Bible, and discuss how Christian school respond.



Participants will be able to: 

  1. explore the role and intent of the ICT in the Australian Curriculum
  2. identify and define the current forms of ICT impacting education and schools
  3. critique the pedagogical effectiveness of various ICT platforms
  4. confidently embrace the SAMR model of ICT integration in effective pedagogy
  5. increase the effectiveness of curriculum through ICT integration
  6. understand the current predictions of the shape of education resulting from technological innovations
  7. appreciate the worldview shaping effects of ICT on culture and therefore students
  8. develop curriculum content that develops an awareness of the potential for ICT to draw humans away from shalom and humans flourishing as designed by God.



Target audience: All members of a Christian school community

Addressed standards: 2.6, 3.4, 4.5


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