Teacher Training

The National Institute for Christian Education provides postgraduate training, professional development, and resources to help teachers teach Christianly. Courses from Certificate to Masters.

The National Institute for Christian Education has a range of professional learning activities from 1 day professional development to postgraduate degrees. Whether you are looking for training for yourself, or for your staff, the National Institute can help. Our vision is to equip schools and individuals to think biblically and critically about the educational process. All training seeks to explore implications and application of theory to educational practice.

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Certificate of Christian Education

The Certificate of Christian Education (CCE) is a flagship resource developed for all members of the Christian school community; from parents to associate staff to teachers to executive leaders. It is a kind of '101' for Christian education in a one day equivalent course/workshop. Many schools have found it to be a foundational resource helping them to equip all staff and parents to be on the 'same page', with a basoc understanding of of the mission, vision, and outworking of Christian education.

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