Financial Survey of Christian Schools

Since 1989 Christian Education National Ltd has conducted the national financial survey with the intention of assisting schools benchmark and compare their financial situation with other Christian schools of similar size, type and level of funding. This financial survey, a separate advisory mechanism, warns participating schools of areas in which they are operating outside recommended benchmarks. Viewed simply from a financial point of view, a non-Government school is a business with a primary focus on educational outcomes. It is most important that the organisation be financially viable if it is to continue to achieve the educational goals for which it exists. Uses of the survey results include helping schools in their planning, supporting document for a loan application and helping schools with financial questions or schools with financial difficulties. 

As in the past, data from this survey will help to continue the development of good financial practice parameters for Christian schools through the CEN Management and Finance Project Team.


Details of Compilation

Each year, schools complete a financial questionnaire and census for the Commonwealth Department of Education (DoE). Copies of these are collected, computerised and are then reported back to schools and associations in the form of averages for Christian schools. The Financial Survey of Christian Schools report provides averages of important variables along with two comparison reports and a trend report for each participating school or association.

Please find the recent general reports below (individual school based reports for participating school is delivered directly to the school):




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