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Membership of Christian Education National is about partnership. As a community we  serve each other through associations contributing to the common vision.

The national and state offices of CEN are able to maximise and facilitate this service and provide a range of 'services' that promote the vision and support schools and associations.

Association and school support

  • principal and executive staff appointments
  • parent Vision Conferences
  • governance training and course manual
  • Board Members’ Handbook
  • policy documents exemplars
  • Help Desk for urgent enquiries and assistance.




State Executive Officers

All states and territories are served by a State Executive Officer (and usually a state council) whose work includes:

  • liaising with national leaders
  • promoting the cause of Christian education
  • supporting member schools, associations, and boards
  • planning and training
  • representing the interests of member associations and schools within relevant state or territory government bodies and non-government organisations.

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Teacher education and development

The National Institute for Christian Education serves Christian Education National schools throughout Australia via:

  • fully accredited postgraduate courses in education
  • professional development courses to assist teachers to extend their understanding of teaching from a biblical perspective and equip them to teach Christianly
  • providing teachers new to Christian education training and induction.

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Christian Educators' Professional Association

The Christian Educators’ Professional Association (CEPA) serves Christian educators by:

  • promoting deeper thinking and encouraging insightful, biblical approaches to educational issues
  • assisting them to remain current and informed about educational trends and issues and by supporting them in their development of professional knowledge, understanding, and strategies
  • sharing resources and the asking/answering of questions through the forums in ‘CEPA Central’
  • enabling them to take responsibility for and contribute to the shaping of best practices of their profession.

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Government representation

Christian Education National makes representation to state/territory and commonwealth governments via the Australian Association of Christian Schools (AACS) involving:

  • briefings from the Ministerial Council
  • meetings with, and deputations to commonwealth and state government ministers/shadow ministers
  • submissions to government departments re new initiatives and proposed legislation at federal and state levels
  • liaising with like-minded peak bodies in the Christian school and independent sectors
  • lobbying political parties re the policies they propose to take to elections
  • informing member schools of policy implications for their schools
  • assisting schools with compliance issues and crises they may encounter with governments.

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Customised consultancies

Christian Education National offers formal instruments for leadership, whole school, and board reviews. It also offers a range of seminars and training services at the local level.

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This is the Christian Education National flagship journal that assists in nurturing the vision of Christian education in families, schools, and communities and is published four times each year. It is geared toward parents and, for many schools, forms an important part of their communication and promotion program. Many Christian schools around Australia have found this journal to be a rich resource for promoting parent partnership. It aims to:

  • challenge and support families in the task of raising their children within a Christian worldview
  • be an effective tool for promoting the Christian school in the local community (eg copies can be placed in the waitingrooms of hairdressers, doctors, dentists etc)
  • build community.

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The Christian Teachers Journal (CTJ)

Designed specifically for Christian teachers serving in Christian schools, this journal is distributed free to all members of CEPA (Christian Educators’ Professional Association) and is also available to others by subscription. This is a highly regarded journal internationally with a diverse subscription base. It aims to challenge Christian educators to a fuller understanding of their tasks and responsibilities. It raises issues critical to the development of teaching and learning in a distinctively Christian way. The journal includes:

  • practical ideas for teachers
  • reflection and analysis of Christian education
  • book and curricula reviews
  • news of courses and conferences
  • discussions of current educational issues.

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CEN eNews

This newsletter is issued bimonthly and is issued from the national office containing essential information for association boards, school principals, bursars, and staff. Information relates to government initiatives, the activities of Christian Education National, and the publication provides a vehicle for interchange of ideas between school communities.

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AACS eNews

Monthly newsletters from the Australian Association of Christian Schools also go to all Christian Education National member schools. This newsletter covers:

  • news about education and school policies and procedures from the national political front
  • policy advice re the implementation of federal government requirements
  • advice about submissions to the federal government
  • support packs to assist schools in their advocacy to local MPs.

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Christian Education National places a high priority on teacher training and hosts state, national and international conferences for those involved in Christian Education.

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Research into Christian education

The National Institute for Christian Education facilitates and nurtures research into Christian education ensuring the vision of Christian education remains relevant and educationally current.

Finance and management

Financial assistance and advice through:

  • an annual Financial Survey of Christian Schools (Prudential Health Watch) that monitors and rates schools’ financial performance against recognised indexes to assist in local planning and budgeting processes
  • individual financial survey report for each member school
  • linking schools with appropriate advisers to support them with financial planning and assistance as required
  • provision of financial benchmarks and protocols for use in monitoring financial performance.

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Seminars and training

These services are available at school and regional level for parents and staff and include:

  • vision-setting
  • strategic planning 
  • organizational restructuring and downsizing 
  • business and financial planning.

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National Resource Centre (library)

The National Institute for Christian Education maintains a range of journals, books, and audio visual materials on Christian education for loan and free access.

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Conflict resolution

Christian Education National is committed to justice in all member associations and school activities. When justice issues are compromised, Christian Education National seeks to support conflicted parties by advising and assisting where necessary with a view to supporting a biblical pattern for resolution.

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Low interest loans

The Christian Education National Building Development Fund exists to provide substantial low interest loans for building projects and land purchase.

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