A workshop for parents. Can there be a greater joy for parents than seeing their children captivated by rich expressions of truth and life, and the gospel of the Lord Jesus? However, other shallow and deceptive philosophies compete to take their hearts captive. The stories of technology and sexuality are increasingly shaping our children’s hearts, longings, self-identity, and purpose. Let’s explore together at Captivated how to parent for captivated hearts . . . 

Event date 23-03-2019 9:00 am
Event End Date 23-03-2019 4:00 pm
Cut off date 08-03-2019 4:00 pm
Individual Price $85.00
Speaker Murray Capill / Michelle Dempsey / Chris Parker
Location Reformed Theological College (RTC) Melbourne Campus

This is a workshop exploring the fundamentals and vision of Christian education. It is designed to be accessible to any member of the school community and many schools include all staff when it is delivered.

Event date 17-01-2019 8:30 am
Event End Date 17-01-2019 4:30 pm
Speaker Chris Parker
Location Palmerston Christian School

This one day workshop recognises that learning is about much more than the transfer of information and much more than shaping what we think. Christian education embraces participation in God's story.  This workshop explores learning activities and practice that seeks a deeper learning that sees students as participants, not recipients.

Event date 18-01-2019 8:30 am
Event End Date 18-01-2019 4:00 pm
Speaker Chris Parker
Location Palmerston Christian School

This workshop/course equips teachers with skills and confidence in designing school curriculum from a biblical perspective in response to a mandated curriculum.

Event date 22-01-2019 8:30 am
Speaker Karen Hooper
Location Richmond Christian College

This workshop seeks to present a clear and compelling approach to and overview of the whole Bible in ways that will impact our lives, our educational work with students, and the culture and practices of the school community of which we are part. How can we be immersed in the Scriptures? How do the Scriptures equip us to engage wisely with cultural challenges? How does God’s word counter-form us for faithful living?

Event date 22-01-2019 9:15 am
Speaker Chris Parker
Location Orange Christian School

A vision for our students

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