Authentic Christian Education Workshop

Presenter: Chris Prior & Karen Hooper

This is a workshop exploring the fundamentals and vision of Christian education. It is designed to be accessible to any member of the school community and many schools include all staff when it is delivered.

It covers important questions like;

  • What is Christian education?
  • What is the purpose of Christian schooling?
  • Where did Christian education come from?

The workshop includes historical, theological, and philosophical elements and gives participants an understanding of the development of Christian schooling in Australia; biblical basis and worldview implications.

The learning experience includes presentation, collaboration, video, reflection and other media.

This course would be a beneficial addition to any new staff induction program. For many, this course provides a new perspective on education and for others, it is like an old friend that it is really good to catch up with from time to time.

If you would like more information or are interested in attending, please contact

Authentic Christian Education Workshop

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