Nurture Photo Competition

Beauty, Brokenness , Building-up

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1. SINGLE ENTRY: Any image taken by a student that depicts either the beauty of God’s world, the brokenness in God’s world, or a reflection of how God’s people can be involved in building-up and restoring the brokenness.

2. PORTFOLIO: A portfolio of 3 images that depict beauty, brokenness and restoration that are thematically linked in some way (either by the subject, and object, or photographic technique or style).

Entries close 31 October 2016.

Send photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your name, age, school and category you wish to enter.  Also send a two or three sentence summary of how your photo(s) reflect the beauty, brokenness or building up in God's world.


  • Transformation by Design
  • God's Story Resource
  • National Institute for Christian Education
  • Christian Educators' Professional Association
  • Certificate of Christian Education
  • Professional Development
  • Which story are you teaching?
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