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Position:German Teacher (Long Service Leave position)

Position Details:Full-time Term 3, 2017 

 Application Information: 

Applicants are invited to provide a concise curriculum vitae including personal details, church involvement, career experience, academic attainments and addressing the criteria listed in the Position Description at the conclusion of this document. Three referees are required to be listed, – included in the three is to be one church reference demonstrating an active faith and one professional reference.

Applications will be received as advertised until Friday 1st June 2017 and should be marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ and addressed to: 

Beck Deith
PA to the Business Manager
155 Tindals Road, DONVALE, Victoria 3111.
or via email on

Donvale Christian College:

Donvale Christian College is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne having opened in 1975. The current enrolment is over 1250 students from Prep to Year 12 and the total number of employees is approximately 150. 

Donvale Christian College is governed, as provided for in its Constitution, by the College Board.  The Board are elected by the members of the College.  The full range of Christian denominations is represented in the parent body of the College. There is no position on the Board elected or appointed by any single church community. The Board is totally elected by the membership of Donvale Christian College Ltd. The Principal is appointed by the Board and together they appoint staff.

Because members of the Donvale Christian College community come from many different Christian faith traditions, and to ensure a sense of harmony between home and School, the College has adopted a Statement of Faith based on a Christian worldview. All parents and Staff are specifically asked if their faith commitment is echoed in the words of this Statement of Faith and they are requested to indicate agreement when applying for the enrolment of their children or employment at the College. 

Staff members are expected to actively support the Christian aims of the College. Membership of a Bible based worship community is one of the criteria that has to be satisfied to successfully gain employment. 

The College is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children.  We have zero tolerance for child abuse. Everyone working at the College is responsible for the care and protection of children. 

Role Description:

All staff are expected to perform their responsibilities in a manner which reflects the College’s mission, objectives and philosophy. 

The Secondary Teacher is responsible for the implementation of learning programs that reflects the mission of the College and is appropriate to the needs of the students.

Professional relationships:

  • Responsible to the Executive Principal via the Assistant Principals - Heads of Secondary
  • Liaise with Assistant Principal – Heads of Secondary, Director of Teaching and Learning, Director of Christian Foundations, Director of Student Services, Year Level Co-ordinators, Faculty Co-ordinators, teachers and Student Services personnel.

 Principal Accountabilities


  • Plan and deliver teaching of Biblical perspectives integrated in each subject area, taking daily home group. 
  • An ability to work with others within the faculty at developing Christian perspectives within the curriculum.
  • A deep understanding of current teaching and learning practices in the subject area at secondary level.
  • An ability to design appropriate learning activities and assessment tasks at Years 7 to 10.
  • Plan and implement an educational program that caters for the learning styles and academic needs of individual students.  Maintain records that provide tangible evidence of thorough planning.
  • A keen interest in working with the learning technologies available within an ICT environment to enhance student learning.
  • An interest in working with students of varying ability levels.
  • Creating flexible environments that support learning, enabling students to gain knowledge, reflect, engage, discover and explore.
  • Prepare teaching aids and student resources.
  • Maintain up to date and accurate records on the College central assessment database that evaluate the progress of students.
  • Communicate and liaise with parents: Report to parents through written reports at the end of each semester, interviews and other informal means.
  • Design curriculum and prepare learning experiences which nurture the development and growth of students within the subject area.

 Pastoral Care, Child Safety, Discipline and Classroom Organisation

  • Sustain an environment of Christian care and support based on Biblical principles taking daily devotions.
  • Ensure that the classroom is a place where all class members are respected and where students feel safe.
  • Maintain a classroom that is physically and emotionally safe.
  • Commitment to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children.
  • Ensure that the classroom is an academically and visually stimulating place to learn.
  • Establish and maintain a good rapport with students.
  • Establish and reinforce appropriate codes of behaviour.
  • Communicate with Year Level Co-ordinators and Faculty Co-ordinators.

 School Organisation

  • Complete assigned yard duty and car park duty as rostered.
  • Prepare for and attend Parent/Teacher nights as designated.
  • Prepare for and attend Parent Information Evenings as required.
  • Prepare for and attend weekly Staff meetings and other team meetings.
  • Prepare for and attend any meetings called by the Head of Secondary, Year Level Co-ordinators or Head of Student Services.
  • Prepare for and attend special events designated by the College, some examples are Open Day, Annual concerts, Sporting Programs and Thanksgiving service.
  • Participate on committees as required.
  • Attend and support staff devotions and lead devotions in staff meetings as rostered.
  • Carry out staff room duty as rostered.
  • Attend Board/Staff functions as arranged.

 Personal and Professional Development

  • Nurture personal faith development and spiritual growth.
  • Pray for students.
  • Participate in annual Appraisal and Professional Development program.
  • Update and supplement teaching qualification with reading and professional development courses or conferences annually.
  • A willingness to participate in professional development activities, and to share skills with others in your team.

 Position Requirements: Knowledge and Experience 

  • Tertiary qualification in Education 
  • Registration as a qualified educator (VIT)
  • First Aid certificate (level 2)
  • Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis 
  • A proven record of implementing education programs 
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills 
  • Highly developed Information Communication and Technology skills


According to the DCC salary scale based on qualification and experience.

Applications to include: 

Note applications will be considered when received before the closing date of Friday 1st June 2017

To be addressed to:
PA to the Business Manager
155 Tindals Road

or via email on

  • Including a covering letter.
  • Provide a concise curriculum vitae including personal details, church involvement, career experience and academic attainments.
  • Three referees are required to be listed, – included in the three is to be one church reference demonstrating an active faith.

Included in application please identify knowledge or ability in the following areas:  Professional teaching reflection addressing the following areas

  • Perform their responsibilities in a manner which reflects the College’s mission.
  • Understanding and passion to teach with Biblical perspectives.
  • Reflections on a contemporary learning environment and how to allow for effective teaching and learning.
  • Pastoral heart for student welfare, community connectivity and parent partnership. 
  • List evidence of personal ICT skills relevant to the position. 

Applications are to be lodged with Beck Deith (PA to the Business Manager) by 4:00pm Friday 1st June 2017.


Application Closing date
01 June 2017 12:00 am
Contact person
Beck Deith
Contact phone
(03) 9844 2471
Donvale, VIC
Contact email
School webpage


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